PlannerScape 25 PLAN (~$5)

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The PlannerScape team is celebrating its token sale with an exclusive airdrop for LATOKEN users. To participate, make sure you meet the eligible criteria by following the instructions in the bot. Get 25 PLAN (~$5) for completing social tasks, invite up to 20 friends to get 2.5 PLAN (~$0.5) for each user who joined the bot and completed a social task (up to 50 PLAN (~$10)). 
Start PlannerScape bounty botPLAN Tokens are utility tokens of PlannerScape, a Hong Kong-based project that leverages AI and blockchain technologies to re-imagine the future of work. In the works for over four years, PlannerScape is a time and task optimization platform coupled with a sophisticated decentralized workplace that frees individuals and businesses from chaotic schedules and work overload. Similar to GPS navigation, PlannerScape automatically and instantly responds to changing circumstances to plot the most effective way through work and personal lives. It maximizes efficiency by avoiding roadblocks, distractions, and detours by guiding users on what to do, when to do it, how to prioritize, and what to outsource. PlannerScape aims to take existing time and task management tools to the next level. 
Learn more about PlannerScape here

This promotional campaign is valid until 12/06/2019 (end of the token sale). The PLAN Tokens will be distributed 15 days after the token sale.
Eligibility Criteria: follow the instruction

1. Start PlannerScape’s telegram bot and follow instructions listed there (also described below)
2. Have an account/register at LATOKEN with Tier 2 verification using valid email. 
3. Submit the same email into the bot
4. Complete the social tasks below (5 PLAN/task) 
– Join PlannerScape’s Telegram Community
– Follow PlannerScape’s Twitter
– Subscribe to PlannerScape’s newsletter 
– Like PlannerScape’s Facebook Page
– Answer a question about PlannerScape (the question is in the Telegram bot, and the answer is in How PlannerScape Works Youtube video)
5. Refer your friends to complete ANY of the tasks in step #4 using the Telegram bot (2.5 PLAN/referral, ~$0.5 each, and up to 50 PLAN (~$10))

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