Marathon airdrop

The marathon will show whether it is possible to make money on airdrop in 2019.
The minimum time of the marathon is 3 months, if you don’t get bored, I’ll try to make it to the New Year.
One drop gives from $ 1 to $ 10 or does not give anything. Theoretically, if everyone pays out and the price of tokens matches what was announced, we can earn money normally.
Every day I will be registered in 2-4 airdrop. Upon receipt of the coins will post it.

After the marathon we will get answers to the following questions:
1. How much can we earn with one account
2. how many projects will pay coins
3. How many coins will go exchange
4. How much will the value of the coin declared by the project differ from the real one
5. Does it make sense to participate in drops
6. Is it safe to use multi accounts
7. How much can you earn on ref links
8. what is better than mult or refs

Minimum time and money costs.
Time costs:
– minimum time for registration without familiarizing with the projects (3-5 minutes)
– only one-time actions: registered – entered into the table – forgot
– posting of ref links and regs will be done by a zennoposter
Money spendings:
– 10 proxy (7$)

At the end of the marathon we compare the results of what is more effective and whether there is a difference:
– one account
– 10 accounts
– referral

Marathon tools:
– social network accounts
– proxy
– zennoster

If there is time and desire, I will create accounts and groups in social networks, increase social activity, create more multi accounts.

If there are projects that require a small daily activity, I will work out templates for them.

Marathon chat @marathon_airdrops
Marathon Telegram Channel @miracleairdrops
Marathon website

Thanks to all.
Go )

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