INZURA – The First Protocol Insurance

INZURA is the world’s first ever insurance token that is built with best in class protocol implemented to protect the crypto asset. INZURA is the world’s first crypto insurance where you can claim your loss of cryptocurrencies with INZURA token. With the best protocol implemented, INZURA made it possible to give the best in class protection for your cryptocurrencies. With the successful protocol and strategy of INZURA, there is a potential benefit to welcome new users without fear of losing their valuable hard earned money. INZURA is built on Ethereum smart contract which is one of the best platforms for smart contract available in the market. INZURA is an ERC20 token that runs on Ethereum blockchain. INZURA not only protects your cryptocurrency but also gives protection to ongoing ICOs and so there will be no fear of scamming and losing your valuable money.

  • PRESALE : 10,800,000
  • ROUND 1 : 14,400,000
  • ROUND 2 : 21,600,000
  • ICO SALE ROUND 3 : 25,200,000


  • PRESALE : 20%
  • ROUND 1 : 10%
  • ROUND 2 : 5%
  • ROUND 3 : NA

The Inzura token is used to claim lost/hacked cryptocurrency, where members can claim up to 5 times the value of their Inzura token (calculation with FAP) with their purchased premium, hence making the Inzura token worth 5 times more at the time of claimant.

For instance: Steve purchased a premium for 1000 IZA token with a premium set for a certain period of time. In the meantime, his asset in the registered exchange with Inzura platform is hacked and permanently lost and it is officially press released by the exchange regarding the hack, in which the premium covers the exchange that is hacked. In this case, if the lost crypto worth is $5000, Steve can submit the claim worth of $5000 with premium purchased of 1000 IZA token. The price of the IZA token is calculated with FAP. The Fixed Audited Price (FAP) of IZA will be $1 and the claim leverage will be 5 times the Fixed Audited Price value at the time of claimant.

Unlike other tokens, Inzura has its own best use case in which users buy the IZA token for the sole purpose of insurance and crypto asset coverage.

MVP is available now


MAX SUPPLY= 120,000,000
SOFT CAP= 1 Million USD
HARD CAP= 20 Million USD

Inzura gives the crypto market a potential to welcome new users and institutional members. Since Inzura protects the most valuable crypto asset, more and more new users will start to use cryptocurrency without fear of losing their crypto asset. Inzura premium is designed in such a way that user’s benefit is the primary task and to serve best in class and protect their asset.

Inzura provides its users with special premium renewal benefits. Unlike traditional insurance method, where institutions completely takes insurance amount from the user’s premium after expiration of premium validity, Inzura is built clearly to benefit users, where when premium expires, 50% of the token is refunded to user’s wallet, and when a new premium is purchased within 4 days of last premium expiration, users get 20% extra token of their last premium. Post claimant benefits have been initiated, where if the worth of the premium is higher than the worth of the crypto asset in the exchange at the time of claimant, the balance IZA token will be refunded to user’s wallet.

For instance: Balina has 400 IZA token with which he purchased a premium that is worth $2000 (based on FAP) and he has only $1000 worth of Bitcoin in an exchange and Balina is in a situation to claim the premium. In this case, Balina actually needs 200 IZA token to claim the $1000 worth of Bitcoin. Balina will only be charged for 200 IZA token for his $1000 worth of Bitcoin and the rest 200 IZA token will be refunded to his wallet. In the vice versa case, if Balina has 200 IZA token and purchased a premium that is worth $1000 and he is in a situation to claim $2000 worth of crypto asset, then he can claim only $1000 worth of crypto asset and the premium will be settled.


  • Q3 2017 Initial PhaseThe initial phase of INZURA started in the mid Q3 of 2017
  • Q3 2017 Team SetupThe team setup and community formation process were undertaken
  • Q4 2017 ProtocolThe protocol buildup process is done and every possible protocol is tested with cryptocurrency
  • Q4 2017 ConceptConcept is built and finalized with blueprint
  • Q4 2017 TestingThe protocol finalized and tested and minor and major errors were rectified
  • Q1 2018 Token MechanismToken function and mechanism is structured to its perfection
  • Q2 2018 TestnetToken generated in the testnet and tested for token mechanism and rectified the errors
  • Q3 2018 RegistrationCompany registration and domain registration completed
  • Q4 2018 Token GenerationToken Generation in Mainnet
  • Q4 2018 Promotional Airdrop announcement as part of marketing, Promotional Airdrop is conducted on website launch day
  • Q1 2019 ICO Sale AnnouncementInitial Coin Offering date and time is announced and the tokens are distributed to the users
  • Q2 2019 Exchange Listing Contract will be signed for listing before ICO ends and will be listed after ICO ends
  • Q3 2019 Platform LiveComplete INZURA platform will be available for users to purchase a premium


WEBSITE: https://www.inzura.world/
WHITEPAPER: https://inzura.world/static/media/Inzura%20White%20Paper%20v1.0.2.56d01731.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/InzuraOfficial
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/InzuraOfficial
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/inzuraofficialgroup

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